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Design Packages

Design Inspiration Package

The Start-Up package entails a comprehensive one-hour in-person consultation, during which we will dive into the specifics of your project. Following this, we will curate a mood board based on your project, capturing the essence and desired aesthetic. Then we will arrange a second in-person consultation, where we will thoroughly explore the project by going into the details of the mood board and presenting potential ideas for your space. Finally, we will compile all the concepts and suggestions into a neatly typed summary, ensuring that you have a tangible resource to refer back to.

Design Reinvention Package

The consultation is a time where we meet to discuss the project's scope and design concepts. Subsequently, I will develop a comprehensive design that features a visual representation of the living room, including proposed furniture, a floor plan, and a list of recommended sources for purchasing the furniture and decor showcased in the mood board. This gives you the confidence to select your own furniture, while providing you with a starting point for more extensive projects.

Full Service Design Package

This comprehensive plan covers all aspects of an interior design project. It includes in-person consultations, mood board creation, floor layout design, showroom visits as necessary, and the coordination of design implementation.


Decor is an essential aspect that enhances the overall appeal of your space. At Fresh Inside Designs, we understand that displaying your art and valuable keepsakes adds a unique touch to your environment. Our services begin with a comprehensive consultation session where we discuss your decor preferences and explore potential ways to repurpose your belongings.


Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, our team will meticulously re-design the room(s) of your choice. Whether it's a single room or an entire space, we will dedicate the necessary time and effort to ensure a successful transformation. The duration of the project will vary depending on its size, ranging from half a day to a full day or by the hour.

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